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BSS JUNIORS - for Four To Five Years Old

The BSS Junior program is a program that will build upon the framework of basic ball control and coordination developed in Kiddy-Kicks and will introduce the game and rules of football for the first time to children of this age.

The program allows children to experience 'real football', starting with 1 v 1 games and progressing to 3 v 3 small sided games. Our sessions include parental participation to make the move from Kiddy-Kicks easier and a big part of these sessions still concentrate on core football skills and co-ordination.

With so many goals being scored and 'matches' being won and lost your child(ren) will quickly fall in love with our fast paced games and understand the benefits of teamwork and positivity when facing a challenging task.

Please note that not all children are ready for football at the age of 4 and 5. Please ask your coach before joining one of these sessions or if you are already a member of Kiddy-Kicks your coach will recommend the correct time to start the BSS Junior program.

BSS Junior classes are available at:

Arena 10 Saturday

PrasamitThaniBld Thursday 4:30pm
RIS Wednesday 5:15pm
Sky Kick Arena Monday

Please contact us at coaching@bangkoksoccerschools.com for more information.