Our Philosophy

At Bangkok Soccer Schools our philosophy at the youngest age level is firstly to instill in children a love of the game. As children get older we aim to produce talented young players who have the technical ability and tactical understanding to play exciting, creative, attacking football. Most importantly we want people to enjoy the game, which they will do the better they become at it. The aim of Bangkok Soccer Schools is to provide the opportunity for young players to receive quality professional coaching in a fun structured environment. We educate our players in cycles with progressive challenges which improve their knowledge and skills - it is all about player development.

Our Objectives

Our objective, no matter what level or age a player is at, is to ensure that at every opportunity the child is learning by enjoying maximum engagement time with the ball. We achieve this by ensuring that all football related core skills are practiced and repeated, individually, in pairs or through small sided games. Our small sided games allow children the opportunity to get more touches and time on the ball with increased dribbling, passing, shooting and decision making opportunities. This helps in refining these skills in actual match like situations. As football educators, we do not give children the answers but, instead, present them with challenges and options in games or match play situations and allow them to make decisions about how, when, where, who and why. Players learn more quickly because they are challenged, motivated and rewarded.

The Challenge

The fundamental essence of our Academy program is one devoted to providing a challenging and focused environment for accelerated development through the technical, physical, psychological and social corners of learning. The program covers all aspects of the game. The main focus is on attacking play (creativity, dribbling, turning, shooting, passing), retaining possession (passing, movement, control) and lastly defending. All of these are explored within a team environment, in game and match situations. ABCs (Agility, balance, co-ordination and speed) are a key ingredient, integrated in all sessions. Players need these essential FUNdamental skills in order to play football or any other sport successfully. We ensure that all children are constantly working and provided maximum contact time with the ball enabling them to develop these key elements which cannot be developed through stationary drills and queues. We have also created an environment within our Academy Program where players of similar attitude and ability undertake structured training sessions and matches in either leagues or tournaments in the pursuit of excellence. Academy players are required to meet certain levels of attainment in order to maintain continued attendance within the program. It is not enough for a football program just to take in a player and claim to be an Academy. An Academy must have a path to elite play and a clear plan to deliver players to their highest achievable destination or professional placement.

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